In this article we will try to understand the basics of Julia programming mainly about the data types, string operation and many more, as we all know that these are the basic building blocks of any programming language. By combining theses basic building blocks we can write the use case and can design any products. In my last article we already discussed what is Julia and how to install julia and use the same in Jupyter notebook. I highly recommend to go through that article and try to understand what is julia and what is the scope of it. …

In this article we will try to understand how to install Julia and we will add IDE which is called IJulia IDE in Jupyter notebook. In the last article I already discussed about Julia, what Julia is?, what are the advantages of using Julia and also about the frameworks that Julia provides. If you want to read that article you can access the below article link

I will be writing more on Julia in coming times. …

Julia and Python Comaparision

Julia is a high-level dynamic programming language, that is used by Machine learning Researchers and Practitioners. Julia is developing the number of Machine learning packages and Frameworks Rapidly. As of now Python is the Industry leader in Data science and Machine Learning context.

Python has many number of ML packages, Libraries and ML Web frameworks like Streamlit, Flask, Plotly and many more, which makes python No 1 programming Language and developers first choice. But Python has one of the major problem which may give option to many market like Julia, Go and many other programming language to replace Python. …

Amazon EC2

In the series of Cloud computing we had already seen the basics of cloud computing along with the type and architecture. Also we had discussed about the vendor of cloud computing that are present in the market. This article is the continuation of the last article user cloud computing series. In this article we will try to understand all about EC2 instance and we will try to launch the virtual machine and will host a static web page on the machine.

Before going ahead, First will try to understand what is EC2. EC2 is a virtual machine provided by Amazon…

Python Strings

In this article we will try to understand the use of strings and all the options that can be used to avoid writing complex code. String is the powerful class in python having lots of method. We will try to understand few of the methods which are useful and also if you want to explore more you can visit the python official documentation

Before going ahead one thing we need to keep in mind, all the string methods will always returns the new value that means it does not manipulate or change the old values.

Word Cloud

In this article we will try to understand the usage of very handy and useful tool known as word cloud. We will try to implement the Word cloud using python codes. This will be very short article

Word Cloud can be used in the analysis of words present in the corpus. Suppose you have a 2000–3000 words and we want to analyse which is the most common words or repeated words in the document. In the above discussed scenario word cloud will be very handy tool to use. People generally use it for the quick understanding of the document and…

Keras, Tensorflow, Python

In the last Article we had seen all about neural network like History of neural network, Basic Building blocks of neural network, Real time use cases of neural network and also we had understood by basic example how neural network works. If you had not been to my last Article i highly recommend just have a look at the Article and after read this article because this is the link from the previous article. In my previous article i had covered all the basic terminologies which i will be using in this Article. This article will be completely programmatic using…

Neural network

In our last Series of Deep learning we had learnt how we prepare Input for our Neural networks for Natural Language processing by using word embedding and tokenization. In this series we will try to understand the core concepts of Deep Neural networks, rise of Neural networks and what can Neural networks do i mean what all the task we can achieve by applying neural networks concepts in industry. Lets get started

I want to make it very clear that Neural networks are not something which has evolved recently. The development of neural networks started in 1990’s i mean LSTM(Long…

Cloud Computing

In this article, I will be mainly focusing on the basic introduction of cloud computing, we will try to understand step by step approach towards cloud computing and this is my first article heading towards the Amazon Web Services which will be future of the IT industries. Many people had asked me is there any pre-requisite to start career in cloud computing or to learn cloud computing. For that, folks and for everyone I wanna make it clear to step towards cloud computing, no any hard and fast pre-requisite is required in terms of programming language. Programming language is something…

Keras Embedding layer is first of Input layer for the neural networks. After the conversion of our raw input data in the token and padded sequence, now its time to feed the prepared input to the neural networks. In our previous two post we had covered step by step conversion of words into token and padded sequence, so i highly recommend to just have a look in my previous two articles on Tokenization and word embedding. The links are below

Before going towards the Keras embedding layers first we will briefly cover what and all we have discussed till now…

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